for my work I take nature in all its facets.
My pictures are not just any realistic replication, they do not show a photo realistic picture, but reflect my personal experiences, memories and emotions from the past and present. In the studio, artistic creation is reduced to the essentials.
It is my portrayal that also demands something from the viewer: interpretation, feeling, emotions.

more about me

Irina Laube is an experienced painter from Germany who has exhibited her work internationally. She is inspired by nature in all its facets. Fascinating and abstract works emerge from her observations – landscape that are atmospherically captured by carefully chosen motifs, colours, shapes and structures.

Anke Reich, Art historian

art works

40x40cm | 15.8x15.8"


At Artmajeur Gallery(France) and Saatchi Art(USA) some art prints of my works are offered. If you would like to order a print please visit these galleries. They have some canvas and paper prints of various sizes, framed and unframed.
I don't always have high resolution photos to allow for prints of every size, so not all paintings are available in all sizes for printing.

It is not possible to make prints of commissioned work.


If you are interested and / or have any questions, please contact me by email. I'll answer as soon as possible.
If you want to buy the original painting, please email me with the title of the work and I will explain the next steps.


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